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Monday, April 12, 2010

Just One of Those Things

Its just one of those things...

One of the things that I do not like is that I have such a very uninteresting life. All I do is go to school and then come home and do nothing.. I guess its just one of those things that happens. I try to make my life interesting, but I just don't know what I can do to make it more interesting other than school. Well, thats a lie, I do know some ways I can make my life more interesting.

#1- Institute
I am thinking that I should start going to Institute. It would give me something to do at night (while trying to find a job).

#2- More Piano Students
Currently I teach 3 kids who are in my ward. I love teaching piano and its something that I feel that I'm good at. I would like to get more students and improve my skill and help others in the process.

#3- Hang out with friends
I try SO hard to hang out with friends, but for some reason it never happens. (Maybe i'm not really trying that hard.) You see, I don't really have that many friends. Or maybe I do, but I never hang out with any of them. A lot of my friends too, aren't LDS or they are, but are very inactive. I guess I am putting myself into a self-pity party, but I would love to have a group of friends with the same standards that would would uplift and strengthen me.

#4- Try harder to find a job
I do need a job desperately, and I'm trying to find one. I should just try harder. Hopefully I can find one soon!

I guess its just one of those things that happens. I have to take the plunge and make my life more interesting besides just sitting on my rear end.

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